We’re Green!

Recycle Your Oil!

How GREEN are we?

Glad you asked…

Protecting the environment is the name of the game!

Recovered fluids: Oil, Transmission Fluid and Antifreeze are all recycled in various ways.

• We use most of the used oil to provide heat and  hot water for the shop and waiting area at our Oil Change & Preventative Maintenance Facility in Cranberry. Any extra oil, as well as the transmission fluid and antifreeze, is delivered to the recycling facility.
• Our oil filters are recycled by Environmental Specialists.
• Clean used barrels, buckets and kegs have many uses… Of course, we recycle them too!

Our Three-Bay Car Wash is GREEN too!

• Our Automatic Car Wash Equipment is designed to be very efficient, therefore conserving water resources. In fact, it is one of the most efficient “water user” systems in the industry.
• An oil/water separator in our car wash drains captures all oil before it can enter the municipal sewage system.
• A back-flow inhibitor on our incoming water line prevents any concentrated soaps from entering the municipal water supply from our facility.

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